Feature request 💪

I’m new to the app after leaving money dashboard as I’d like a better experience generally and so far Emma is definitely that!

One feature I think could be improved is the budgeting. For example I allocate myself £300 for either eating out or eating in each month. I do like to keep them separate though.
A budget that has the ability to have more than 1 category would be great.

Thank you for listening.

Hi @Kim,

thanks for joining us and welcome!

Have you tried with a custom category? :slight_smile:

I think this is the best way, other people would use tags to separate categories.

Thank you for teaching me about tags. It does solve what I want although not in a very visually obvious way. I have made custom categories but they can’t share the same budget.

Thank you though and I’ll use the tags and hope a budget can share 2 or more categories one day.

We have plans to build sub-categories, maybe this fixes it?

I do think he means having combined or connected budgets like a going out budget so entertainment, eating out, etc can all share one pot of money while having budgets for each of those categories. so spend of one doesn’t mean that category budget.

This could be done with pie charts and having a new tab for them so the going out pie uses the eating out and entertainment categories and sums the budget for those so you can see the total and how much is used. then click on it to open and see individual categories.

Yes that would fix it.

Exactly what you’ve explained. I dont think it’s viable to have each category have its own budget. Although mainly as I like to separate things a lot to see exactly how much I spend on what but also see at a glance where I am, so I have a lot of categories which should be sub categories.
I’m still a newbie though so I’m sure it will get easier to find what I want in time, having it on a ‘dashboard’ is always more ideal though.

I could see myself using this! A shared budget across categories. It’s helpful then from a reporting point of view to be able to drill down into which categories that budget went to during a time period.

Yes, subcategories are definitely the way.

Tags have a similar functionality, but they are not integrated in Analytics/Budgeting.

Do you have a time line when sub categorise will be added?
Thank you for being so interactive!