Sub-categories in pro

Sub-categories would be a game-changer for me.

I’m still using Microsoft Money on my PC and it does everything I need.

I have a ‘Motoring’ category and under that I have Petrol, Maintenance and Insurance.

I also have housing costs and under that I have council tax, insurance, ground rent and service charge.

It would be great to do the same thing with Emma.


That’s a nice addition!

Do you set budgets for sub-categories?

Obvs. Why would I set them up and not use them :slight_smile:

So I might budget £50/m for petrol, £150/yr for tax, car insurance at £500/yr and maintenance at £600/yr. This would give me an annual motoring budget of £1850.

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Hey @Steve :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

My instant reaction would be that this would make Emma too busy considering we have limited screen ‘real estate’. How do you envision seeing this in Emma? Would it be okay if these subcategories were initially hidden and you’d have to click to expand?

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Yes, that would be fine.

Interesting. Definitely something we can consider :thinking:

Oh, a Microsoft Money user! I’ve migrated to Quicken and using their 2015 version and can’t seen myself moving out of it given so many features the budget apps are still missing.

Quicken withdrew from the UK market 15 years ago

Yeah… I need to manually add all my transactions. :frowning:

But money also doesn’t connect to banks in the UK, right?

I was originally a Money user and migrated to Quicken when Microsoft stopped selling Money.

Would also like seeing this feature added. Would be particularly useful for me for bills where I track individual bill entries in the spreadsheet I run in addition to Emma. Examples would be:

-Music (Spotify)

The big value add here would if it would be possible to change sub-category budgets as you mentioned, Edoardo.

Microsoft has now come up with this

A simpler improvement might be to order categories by frequently used, most recent etc., instead of just alphabetical

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Yeah, this is run by Plaid - we use it too.

+1 for this. This will motivate me to go Emma pro. Being able to track how much I spent on fuel/insurance/services rather than one lump sum “Transport” is going to be more helpful.

This applies to other categories too. Like for income category sub-categories employment/cashback/investment profit/self employment etc.

It will be better to have custom sub categories instead of custom new categories created for examples like above in my opinion.

Hey @WrS :wave:

Subcategories is definitely something we want to look into :blush:

On the analytics tab would you want to see a list of all the categories, and then maybe have the option from there to then click into all the sub cats? Would you set budgets for the sub cats too?

I agreed it would be useful to be able to nest certain categories within each other/create sub categories. For much the same reason as OP really.

Currently I just have a custom category for ‘Fuel’ and then everything else goes in the ‘Transport’ category but that gets muddied on the occasions I do actually use a bus/train/Uber etc.

But for now just having a separate ‘Car Maintenance’ category wouldn’t be a big problem

On the analytics tab it would make sense to only show the categories, tapping any category from there should take you too deeper Analytics of any sub categories you have defined. Personally, I would want the functionality to track expenditure for each subcategory but not so keen on setting budget for each subcategory as this will be too cumbersome, but I can see others might be well interested in doing so.

For example if there is a transport category and there are subcategories fuel/maintenance and insurance. I would like to see the historical spent in the form of bar/line chart for insurance for example. This will give me an insights into each category much better.

I’m feeling this more and more. For my car, I’d like to separate fuel, road tax, service and insurance, but combined under a single item Car, so I can easily see the total cost and breakdown, over the year, if possible… :wink:

I can create the categories right now, of course, but I have to add them up in my head, and averaging over the year or any other time period needs paper and calculator :joy:

Listing all the things out like this just reminds me how expensive having a car is haha :see_no_evil:

But yeah, totally agree that it would make things a lot easier!

We’re still working on a couple of other big features, but we do like this idea :raised_hands:


I save/budget for these independently, so the ability to display expenditure independently may be beneficial too.