Multi-category budgets (or exclude categories from total budget)

I want to focus my budgeting on things I have day-to-day control over. I have no day-to-day control over housing costs, bills, repairs, maintenance, and repeating costs I’m committed to (e.g. gym membership, haircuts). I do have control over eating out, groceries, entertainment, and shopping. It adds unnecessary complexity to manage this day-to-day spending in four separate category budgets. I just want a single “discretionary spending” budget. At the same time it’s useful to break down these categories in the spending analysis (e.g. how much am I burning on eating out?) so I don’t want to abolish these categories.

I can see two possible solutions:

  1. Multi-category budgets (same as Money Dashboard)


  1. Exclude categories from the “total” budget. I know I can exclude things from the total spending, but I don’t want to do this as I still need to keep an eye on overall spending.
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Hey @niczap,

This is an interesting idea!

How do the Multi-category budgets work? Do you have a main category and then sub-categories within those?

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Hi @Connor

No there’s all included categories have the same status within the budget. For example, I might set up a “luxuries” budget and include “eating out”, “shopping” and “entertainment”

Just adding my voice to this request. It would be great to exclude bills from my budget but still show them in overall spending.

This way I can see how I’m doing month to month generally and how my discretionary spend is going.

Just wanted to add a +1 to this request.

Being able to exclude specific categories from analytics and budget would be super useful to me. Right now I have to use the excluded category, but I want a way to keep certain kinds of transactions different separated from others…

Are there any plans to work on this?