Is there a way to view categories?

Hi there,

Is there a way to view the categories and the transactions that are in them? I can only see them when clicking on the transaction to sort it. Am I missing how to do this or does it not exist? I can only search by hashtag.



The analytics tab shows you transactions in each category. Does this give you what you need?

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Ah yes, that’s great. Thank you. It would be great to go into the monthly totals in each category and break it down by hash tag from there ie so in Feb I spent $100 and $50 was on #gas and $50 on #maintainence.

Just a thought. Thanks again.

Hey @Davisca9, would this idea be similar to the subcategory idea here that @Steve had?

I think this is more of an analytics feature (ie after spending the money!) rather than a budgeting feature (before spending the money).

Also, tagging provides an alternative view to categories, rather than a subset. A tag is separate so could appear against multiple categories rather than a single category, as would be the case with sub-categories.

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