Exclude transaction but keep it under a certain category

I pay for a lot of things and later be reimbursed. Usually, I’ll split the cost and exclude the other, and add the reimbursed cost.

However, I’ve noticed it does get confusing when to see what I paid for. It would be nice to have the option of excluding transaction but still shown underneath a certain category.

For example. I buy a meal for £20 pounds and my friend pay me back £10. I split the 20 pounds and exclude the 10 pounds - Therefore my total spend is £10. However since I pay with a credit card, the total amount taking from my card will still be £20.

Since it goes to the exclude section, it’s harder to track what I did pay for (although I did notice that when you click on the transaction there is a link) but I think it’ll be better to still have it underneath a certain category but excluded, so it’s easier to see that you’ve spent £20 but was reimbursed £10 and that’s why the total is £10.

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Thanks for sharing this feedback

So if this transaction fell under your eating out category, you’d want to see the excluded transaction amongst your other eating out transactions?

Would you also want to see this listed in the exclude category?

@rebekah Yes that’s it! It’ll be nice for excluded transactions to be listed under certain categories

This would be helpful, but it would also be great to allocate incoming transactions (e.g. when the friend reimburses to the £10 by transferring the money) to a particular budget. So if you spent £60 buying 4 movie tickets, and everyone reimbursed you, you could allocate the £45 to your Entertainment budget and not look like you’ve overspent in that category.

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You could change the category from “income” to “entertainment” and then the transactions would cancel each other out so it would only look like you’d spent £15 on entertainment :blush:

Of course! I didn’t realise the ‘income’ could be reassigned but that makes perfect sense. Thanks!

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I have the same situation, but I created a custom category called ‘should be getting money back’ to track it. And then use tags/notes to remind what stuff is. By the end of the month, this category should be £0, as when I get the money back (the income) I also allocate it to this category.

That’s a cool idea!

When you’ve had all the money back do you then move it to another category, or do all the transactions just stay in that custom cat?