Excluded transactions

I want to be able to make more than one 1 category excluded from analytics, people usually transfer money to themselves between banks. Unless you mark it as excluded it goes towards what you’ve “spent” despite it going to yourself. I have a personalised account for my cash, and a personalised savings space for cash savings. I mark me taking money out of my purse into my savings pot as an outgoing because it’s going out of my purse but if I mark that as savings, it’s counted as an outgoing, when it kind of isn’t. But I don’t want to put it as “excluded” because I want the app to calculate how much I save and how much saving so spend, but it won’t do that if I have it down as “excluded.” Hoping it this all makes sense with the amount I’ve written, hopefully I’m not the only one :joy:

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Hey @Lucyxcxb

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Appreciate this can get a little confusing. I personally just add all transactions to a “savings” custom category and exclude both transactions.

Do you think being able to exclude a whole category from the analytics would help?

Here’s our FAQ page about handling savings for more info: Handling savings | Emma App