Checking excluded payments

I’m wondering if there is a better way to review excluded payments - how does everyone manage it?

It seems like we need to check the individual accounts, and I find myself needing to do this often as there are always transactions incorrectly marked as excluded.


In Analytics, there is a section for Excluded.

You can also Search by “Excluded” :slight_smile:

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Thank you! I think I just need to make a regular habit of checking it via the Analytics view in this case.

Ive had an issue with payments incorrectly going to excluded too. Its not always obvious so need to check regularly.

this is the reason I have been asking for a transaction review feature as an optional feature so we can quickly review all transactions for example each week we could just flick through them all and make sure everything was in the correct category. in a similar way to how quickbooks does it. for me this is Emma’s biggest weakness by far, I love everything else and may one day switch back to quickbooks for that feature as I really do miss it.


I really like this as an optional idea too. Similar to how productivity apps have a daily or weekly review feature.

This feature is in the roadmap

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That’s awesome looking forward to that the most