Google play subscription

Do you have to pay Google when someone subscribe for Emma? I was wondering if there is an option to subscribe without using the Google service perhaps even cheaper but it’s not necessary.
I’m curious as I’m trying to move away from Google subscription.

One reason is actually Emma related. As Emma cannot recognise subscription hiden behind the Google play payment which messes up with its prediction. So where possible, I’m trying to have Subscriptios directly from my bank account.

Hey @Krygel :blush:

Google Play has a payment infrastructure that is easy for us to link with.

To take it out of Google and take it in-house would mean we would have to set up our own payment system and create a dashboard to manage the payments.

I don’t think it’s something that we are considering at the moment, but we’ll drop a message here if anything changes! :rocket:

I would prefer that option. As Emma cannot sort out Google play subscription so it would be nice to support the way that Emma can recognise.

Anyway, you have one year before my year long subscription will end to implement it. Hopefully, it will somehow happen. As by then, I won’t have any subscription over them and won’t starts any new over them. :slight_smile:

Hey @Krygel,

if we try to avoid Google, we infringe their Terms & Conditions and they might remove the app from the Play Store. That’s the main reason why we are not doing it. :wink:

So the other “small” apps like Strava, Spotify, Amazon prime and many more can have Subscriptions over their websites and are breaking the Google Play rules? Does it mean that if someone will subscribe over the Apple app store, then your app is breaking the rules for Google? That having app on G play means that you cannon offer Subscription anywhere else? That me paying for premium bank account on Monzo, which is also just an app, while it’s being directly taken from my bank account from Monzo, is against the T & C ?

As I said. I am using Emma to have everything easily sorted. In a year time, when subscription finish, unless there is a functional automatic solution how to recognise payments hidden behind the GPlay, I’m won’t be using it anymore and all apps which doesn’t offer alternative. Hopefully it won’t mean to cancel Emma subscription (actually I don’t have any gplay subscription anymore, all of them just waiting to runn off).

As in a no way I’m going to watch and sort every single payment manually. If I would do it, I wouldn’t need Emma.

Okay, thanks for your feedback. :slight_smile:

Its not the same. All those apps have websites which you can pay a subscription to and they have an app in addition to their web app. You aren’t paying a subscription to use the app you are paying a subscription which you can then use an app that’s linked to your subscription.

With Emma, you are paying a subscription to use the app as its only available as an app in google and apple store so they require subscription payments to be handled through their app store payment channels because you are paying to use the apps premium functions.

Yep, they don’t allow the subscription if we don’t do so. :sob:

In our case, it’s a digital purchase, so it needs to go through them.

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