Manually set subscriptions as "paid" for the month

When using the subscriptions there are a few that have already left the bank account but according to the app the aren’t leaving my bank account until the end.of.the month.

Is it possible to set the subscription as already paid? That way it’s not being taken off my remaining balance


Hey @Ash

I’m Lilli Head of Community and Brand here at Emma HQ. Welcome to the Emma community!

Let me speak to the team about this and get back to you


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Are you sure these have been paid in the “Pay period”?

We remove them from committed spending once they have been paid in the period. :slight_smile:

I’ve not put much thought into the logic of it, but I’ve also noticed that some subscriptions sit there and show as unpaid, even when they’ve gone out on the first of the month - just like they do every other month.

Can you reach out to support?

If you have done an account switch, this might be the case.

This is also possible, if the strings have completely changed. Like “Tesco 123” to “Tescoclub”.

The third reason is that the bill still hasn’t paid in the “pay period”, so it is still committed.