Geo-tag spending and build alerts


Random idea… but after reviewing how much I’ve spent on Coffee, Primark etc I’m slightly shocked!

I know it will help me, so I thought I would share with the developers.

I am a EMMA investor too. I love this app.

So… I think a cool feature would be location tracking (obviously if the user authorises it and opts in) but lets say the feature allows us to “red flag” locations where unnecessary spending temptations could happen ie in my case my local primark shop, so when I go to walk nearby it flags up a “red flag” reminder notification of how much I have spent there and to deter me. More of a mindful reminding feature.

I don’t know the legalities of location tracking, but we all know some apps do it anyway. This would be an opt in!

Thanks for your idea. I will transfer your suggestion back to the team :slightly_smiling_face: