Easy £100 with Robinhood in UK

It looks like the notorious commission free brokerage app Robinhood is launching in the UK soon.

I have used it in the USA and I can tell you it’s miles ahead of the UK copycats. I wonder if they’ll bring the same features here or it’ll be limited.

I just saw this advertisement on my Facebook feed, they give out £100 for taking part in a user interview in London. I thought some of our community might be interested in the £££

Link to participate:


I’ve never used it. What would you say are the key aspects in which it is better?

Well, they were the first to come up with the concept. :stuck_out_tongue:

  • It’s actually free as advertised, no monthly charges, no % management fees, no limits on number of trades which are all executed instantly (as opposed to batched at the end of the day).

  • They have a lot of stocks and index funds on it (maybe all the American ones?), not just a small selection. + cryptocurrencies.

  • UI and features richness, some automation and free options trading.

  • The Robinhood Gold subscription offers even more features and margin trading.

  • They are also very quick to develop new things.

  • The one thing they don’t have is offering fractional shares.

I’m not gonna do a 1-1 comparison on who doesn’t offer what, but you can have fun and get a little fintech game going to find out

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So they’re interviewing in London…

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