Which company would you invest in?

If you are on here regularly you may have seen me asking for advice on investing because I recently joined Freetrade, who btw we are in talks with at the moment. :eyes:

Which brings me to my question:

If you could invest in one company, who would it be and why?


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Vodafone :slight_smile:

Why, you may ask?

They’ve recently changed their pricing model to something similar to ISP’s use and are rolling out 5G.

They operate in tens of markets directly and I believe over a hundred including partners and subsidiaries.

They have good finances and pay dividends (which means they acknowledge that they don’t have room for exponential growth) while still having enough leftover money to fund some form of growth.

They have good revenue streams, home broadband, mobile phone contracts etc

They have sole access to certain ranges of the spectrum used to transmit signals and as such could use the usage of these to further generate revenue I believe.

They have recently scaled back dividend payments to something more sustainable that can also function alongside growth.

Their signal here isn’t terrible.

They have great overseas support and if their roaming options are as attractive overseas as they are here then I have no worries saying they are the network of the future.

They have 1/5 of the UK market on their network :slight_smile: this may be lower than O2 and EE, but it’s still impressive.

The shares are cheap so they’re not too bad to actually invest in.

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Sounds very promising, did you invest already?

Yes :wink: I did

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Would it be to much to say I’d invest in Emma? There is a lot of budgeting apps there, but Emma is by far one of the simplest and easiest ones to use. Beside that, I’d probably invest in Revolut and TransferWise. I can see they continue to grow a lot in the future. I’d also invest in iZettle and Squarecash. With more an more mom and pop shops, they will probably also increase.


Thanks @BendikHa

This shows we are doing something right!

I used iZettle at my last job and it’s a really great product. Agree with Revolut they are doing well.

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