Emma Pro - API to manage manual accounts

I don’t have Emma Pro so maybe this already exists – does Emma Pro offer an API to manage manual accounts?

A simple API could allow updating balances.
A more advanced one could allow importing transactions!

That’d make Emma Pro a killer feature, as it would allow bridging the gap between Emma and any non-supported bank (passionate users could just scrape their bank’s web interface, or export transactions in any format their bank supports, parse that and send it up to the Emma API).


I wish, but no. Emma only supports a custom account where you can update the balance. I’d love to see one where you can add custom trana. If you could import a Excel or a CSV file that would be great too. Then you could import years of data from your bank.


Hey @julienm

Thanks for the great feedback, this is not currently available but I will definitely feed this back to the product team!



You know how to code? :slight_smile:

What’s the use case here? Like you just run a script that updates the balances?

Yup, for unsupported banks, running a script that scrapes my bank’s website and updates the balances (and possibly transactions!) in Emma.

… or for banks supported by Yodlee, using Yodlee with a free license and my own API key :stuck_out_tongue:

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Sounds like the dream. ahah

Yes, I think we are going to open up our API for these use cases - we just need to find some spare time. :wink:

It can become extremely powerful.

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Yes, I do. At least to some extent

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ETA please I’m begging, I’ll shill Emma at my campus and outside in my underwear if it’s done well :joy::joy:

Has this progressed any further? Would love to update my manual accounts via API