Emma’s Business model


I recently had a look at what is available in Australia and Frollo is the Emma equivalent. Their layout has some elements of the old Emma layout and some functionality has not yet been built like manual transactions and some functionality Emma does not have like manual subscriptions without a spend item

They concentrate on data aggregation and budgeting and not the add on services that Emma is adding.

The open banking in Australia looks more evolved and more engagement. There are a substantial number of connections available in Frollo

Their business model revolves around building a generic application that they sell to banks and others so that organisation can add their own branding etc. We know that a lot of banks in UK are attempting to build budgeting and data aggregation for their customers.

Has Emma looked at this as a viable income stream for them.

Hi Warren,

Geo expansion is interesting and something that we are looking at. From a market size point of view US and Canada are much more appealing than Australia. They are just simply much bigger.

In any case, English speaking countries would come first than others for obvious reasons. :grin:

I agree with your thoughts but my post was not about Geo expansion but alternative revenue streams in UK and US based on what looks like a successful strategy from the dominant player in the Australia market


I misunderstood the message :slight_smile:

In terms of B2B, I think there is a value to provide an interface to other businesses and that will happen. White labels to banks are nice, but don’t scale as fast and have very long sales lifecycles.

For B2C, we’ll see who will be right. We have made our bet and are open to change if it doesn’t work. :wink: