Emma is using Plaid to go global

As you might know, we are launching in the :us: and :canada: in next 2 weeks!

Our new partner, which is helping us expand, has just launched in the UK. It’s already providing lots of integrations and might also help us get a few extra banks.

We have been mentioned in QZ and the Financial Times. You can follow up here:

You can check us out on the FT as well (paywall) https://www.ft.com/content/44cd8456-81ec-11e9-b592-5fe435b57a3b. :wink:

Let us know what you think. :point_down::point_down:


Who does Plaid have access to in the UK?

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They have access to all the banks TrueLayer has + a few new ones like N26 and Revolut. :wink:



Well done - as things get global - Emma will be busy integrating them = its like the the tipping point of change already. I notice that Wechat APP is trialing in London (Camden Market) - given their huge expansion into QR code based transaction for small traders making China almost a cashless society - we going to have to be ready for this happening here!


Question is where do we launch next…thoughts?! :thinking::joy:

Have you made it to :it: yet?!

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no but we will definitely have to add it to the list :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Which brings me to my next question… where is everyone from??? :sunglasses::us::uk::canada: :point_down::point_down::point_down::point_down::point_down:

Does this mean I am now able to connect Emma with Revolut? If so, how?

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From Norway (:norway:), living in the US (:us:).

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Not at the minute unfortunately.

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How did you manage to get Monzo? :rofl:

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After reading Monzo’s own blog post, I followed their post step by step. I registered with my Norwegian passport and had my card sent to a friend.


Hi, I’m a bit late reading this but…

I hope you are able to bring an N26 integration to Emma soon using Plaid’s technology!

I believe only Tink (which is still in early beta) has this integration, and I think they may have done it by reverse engineering the N26 web app rather than through APIs.

If Emma gets a proper connection going it will be a really point of differentiation for you.

I hope to hear more about it soon.


Let’s hope Plaid adds N26!


Plaid supports N26 in the UK and we should be able to get this done very soon. :slight_smile:


Hey what about :malta: … country is too small for any fin-tech to give too much care. However we have HSBC and I believe the HSBC PSD2 approach globally is all pretty much the same. Am I being too hopeful?

I would try to connect, if it doesn’t work it means they use a different system. :cry:

Online I can see that HSBC Malta API shows you to HSBC UK api.

Problem is both have separate apps so Emma redirects to HSBC UK for permission and there is no way I can redirect to HSBC app of another country from Emma. (I have both UK and Malta account)