Support for European banks

With PSD2 around the corner, is Emma planning to support European banks?

It would make it a killer app for me as I have accounts in multiple countries (US, UK, France, Switzerland(*)), and there is currently no financial app covering multiple countries.

I’m currently loving Personal Capital but it only works with US accounts. If Emma could track my French accounts I’d definitely make the switch.

(*) Well, that last one is gonna be tougher as they’re not impacted by PSD2, so I guess they’ll stay a special snowflake for a while.


Hey. Emma works with US, CA and UK bank. Switzerland is in part of the EEA, so I assume PSD2 will also apply there. That’s how it works in Norway, who is also a EEA member.

I’d love to see Emma open up to more non-English speaking countries. If they do in 2019, I’d be pleasentry surprised. They have said they will only focus on English speaking countries in 2019 though.

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Switzerland is unfortunately not part of the EEA, only EFTA (unlike Norway, which is in both) :frowning:

Emma currently works with US, CA and UK banks but seems to lock you in one area (I guess based on your phone number)? (Most-Wanted) Features
Edit: ah, just saw your reply there, thanks!

I’d also love to see Emma open up to non-English speaking countries as well… but if that’s easier in the short term, I’ll be happy enough with support for non-US/CA/UK banks, with a English-speaking only app :slight_smile:



Yes as @BendikHa said at the moment we are focusing on English speaking countries this year but in the future we definitely want to expand!

What about Irish banks?

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We don’t have any short term plans. What banks are you looking for? :slight_smile:

I would like you to add support for KBC Bank Ireland, which is a bank in the Republic of Ireland.

Other major banks in Ireland support Open Banking too, at least I know that Bank of Ireland, AIB and Ulster Bank do.

You might want to consider a ROI launch for Emma? A similar market to the U.K., and obviously also English speaking too.

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Yes, we are aware of these, hence why I was asking. :wink:


For me, Bank of Ireland both personal and credit card.

And yes alas Ireland is English speaking.

bunq would be great, but it’s probably only used by a tiny minority…

It is already set up with an API though!

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Santander Spain would be great!

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+1 for KBC Ireland!

And N26 :slight_smile:

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Hello @edoardomoreni, long time no see! Any update here in regards to a possible European expansion? When I studied in the US I was an active Emma user, but since I moved back in March of last year, I’ve been missing the gummi bear vibes.

Can I expect to be able to link my Norwegian bank accounts to Emma soon? Budgeting apps such as Spendee works with my Norwegian accounts, but I really favor Emma.

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We are working on a few more UK based products at this time, so that will take a little longer. :frowning:

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That’s unfortunate, I’ll check back in another year or so. Maybe you have expanded by then.


Thanks. :slight_smile:

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Boursorama Banque in France would be great,
And also HSBC from countries other than UK.
Today the HSBC available is only the UK one!

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Hi @Cecile :wave:

Welcome to the community!

Thank you for these suggestions, we will share them with the rest of the team and update you if we do integrate these banks with the Emma app :relaxed:

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Hey! Any updates in regards to further expansion to non-Enlish countries such as Norway?


Any updates on more European countries yet? I’m still waiting patiently for you to launch in Norway. Plaid is not available in Norway, but you can use Aiia an alternative. Aiia has an API to connect to Danish, Finish, Swedish, Norwegian, Austrian, German, Estonian, Spain, Italian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Dutch, Portuguese and Polish accounts.

The only altnerative to I’ve found to Emma in Norway is Spiir, which is miles behind Emma when it comes to functionality and interface. If you want, you can have the app translated eventually, but I’m sure people won’t mind using the app in English if it means they can connect their account.

@kia @edoardomoreni