Review of year 2020

It would be great to have a Review of my spending without the moral judgement! I don’t need to be compared to others spending more wisely. I would just like an overview on my spending habits.


I’ve been using Emma since mid 2018. What would have been interesting for me would have been a comparison between my own 2019 and 2020.


This is a nice idea.

We are actually returning 3-4 years of data nowadays, so totally doable.


Agreed! This would be great.

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I think we have been asking for the ability to have some sort of enhanced reporting functionality for some time so great to hear that you agree that 12 months is possible. Hopecto hear this has been added to the development list.

I have to manually transfer the monthly category totals to excel to get the 12 month rolling totals which are the only meaniful numbers for most people given the non uniform expenditure for holidays, insurance etc


Lets prove that management are not only responding on this forum with comments but are actually taking action and really listening

I see them do this a lot Warren but I know it can be difficult to please everyone. Like you, I am hopeful for more meaningful report insights :slight_smile:

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Agree. Not just the yearly but the week and month in review too. I fail to see why I am judged against all other Amazon, Tesco etc users. I of course assume you mean you are comparing me simply to all other Emma users who shop at Amazon…

You also insist on telling me how much I have spent with Tesco… the app seems to fail to recognise i have a Tesco credit card and a Tesco loan … so I don’t really spend as much as you say!?


The app is abbit snarky. :joy: I always figured that it must be a United Kingdom thing. :man_shrugging:t5: I’m in the United States, and I always took the comments from the app as a bit “cheeky”, but all in good fun. To be honest, coming from that point of view, I initially enjoyed the snarkiness. Especially since my finances were in disarray.

The irony is now that I have my finances in greater order than I’ve had in the last 15 years…the snarky comments are now annoying. :joy: I don’t even look at the reports anymore, more or less because now I know what’s going on with my money. I’m not perfect, but I posit conservatively that in the last 6 months or so that I have made an 80 percent improvement in money management, savings, and credit usage due to this app. If I were being bullish, I would peg the percentage at 95 percent improvement…and I don’t feel that that is unreasonable to say that.

Like I said, now that I have a handle on things, the comments come off as kind of offensive :joy: But I just ignore them, and get on with the using of this FANTASTIC app!

The next step? Making it so that I spend LAST MONTH’S money on THIS MONTH’S bills…that’s the next level for me.


I agree, the app is fantastic and really helps me understand my expenditure, hence why I signed up for premium membership.

Charitably I would call the commentary and comparisons naive - they don’t offend me because it’s an app, they are generic, and they follow the house style, but it makes the app feel naive.

I expect the intention was “fun”, but it does sometimes feel a bit like your finances are being judged by your 6 year old nephew - which is only “fun” if it’s novel and not persistent.

Confusing Tesco credit cards and loans with Tesco spend is a good example of that naivity. As is telling me that I spend more than x% of other Emma users at a specific shop. It’s not really useful to know when that’s a demographic I know nothing about.

I would also agree that comparing against myself (the average month and last year) would be more useful than comparing the spend of my 4 adult household against others with only 1 adult.

Just to reiterate, despite the above, the app IS fantastic.


Hey @Ekells1, thanks for your feedback on this - we’re definitely taking this into consideration :blush:

Like this idea! Could be cool for the monthly reports too?

We’re definitely listening to all the feedback - we find the comments on the community really helpful! :raised_hands:

Hey @Kmac - welcome to the Emma Community! We find that lots of Emma users like the report card where we compare their spending to other users, but I guess it just comes down to personal preference. I do like the idea of introducing a few cards where you compare to your own spending across previous months though :blush:

@Toastmaster You can do itttt! :rocket:

Thanks for your comments!

It’s really interesting to hear what you guys think, and it has given us lots to think about!! :laughing:

But why delete messages that ask you to take action on the same ideas that you said you would look at over 18 months ago

If you subscribe you can export all your data to Excel (.xlsx) and do with it as you wish. This is nice, though you can get similar exports from individual banks, cards etc, it’s nice to have everything in one place.

Having said that, given that, as @edoardomoreni confirmed, all the data is in Emma, it seems absurd that we must look at each month at a time and add them up when it would surely not be a coding challenge to look at data and analytics in a custom date range. Not all expenses are incurred in one go in the month they relate to, or, for example, you might want to look at a home improvement project that took place over several months with an initial deposit payment. In business accounting one would use accruals, that would be over the top for this application, but being fixed to monthly views seems preposterous when all the data is already there. Otherwise a WONDERFUL app though :slight_smile:

Hiii @Radioman

Welcome to the Emma Community! :v:

Thanks for your comments - I think there is definitely more we can do with the app to make things like this a little better :blush:

And thank youuu :heart_eyes:

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