Emma Reports... what are your thoughts?

I’m with you on that one.

+1 for me on this as well

I view my report each week. Not because I find it insightful. More because I find it interesting and a touch witty.

The reports are missing a killer metric though. I am not sure what this metric is. It should tell me how I am doing and whether I am on track for the month. Some weeks are naturally higher than others… I find the first week in the month the most expensive so the metic needs not to be skewed by this.


I really enjoy the weekly reports :+1:
It would be nice to have some questions (quiz style) about your own spending :moneybag:


We are adding a bunch of other cards in the next few days/weeks. :wink:

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I agree that it should learn your habits over time but be flexible enough to cope with the occasional week being much more or much less expensive than normal. It’s the real world and stuff happens.

However, this may be in place already as I’m a newb

Yes, we have got lots planned up for reports. Ideally, it would be great to have them fully custom to the user with many more active insights, so people can learn much more about their finances and also take action. :wink:

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It would definitely be cool to be quizzed on your spending, I think this is soemthing the team want to do in the future but we have new cards on their way :slight_smile:

Lots of people have said that they want to see more future insights as well which would be amazing

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First thing to improve with the reports is the ability to ignore committed spending. As the name suggest committed spending is committed and it’s hardly you can do anything about it and when In report, it says that I spend more or less which is influenced by that monthly payment due in that week and then showing up in weekly reports it would be better if there is some monthly reports which shows that. It is height when the weekly reports show my car instalment or mortgage provider as top spending…


I find it slightly odd that monthly subscriptions come out as spent that week. Firstly because I budget for them monthly and secondly because it’s not as though I’ve just gone out shopping and blown my money

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Never use them.

? :sweat_smile:

Genuinely close them whenever they appear.

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Ahhh, you meant the reports. ahah :rofl:

ps: you know you can turn them off now?

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