Emma mentioned in You're Not Broke You're Pre-Rich 📚

Emma was recently mentioned in Emilie Bellet’s book ‘You’re not broke, you’re Pre-Rich’

It’s a book about how to streamline your finances and stay in control of your balance. It’s laid out like a handbook, very simple with all sorts of exercises to help you out and clearly explains lots of things financial jargon including the ins and out of investing and mortgages etc.

Great book - would highly recommend to anyone interested.

Has anyone else read any books like this?

Please comment which ones below :point_down:


Thanks for sharing. I wasn’t familiar with the book, but it looks like a good read - good job on getting a mention too! I’ll get the Kindle version cause it’s cheaper :rofl:

I haven’t read, but I plan to read Anne Boden’s (Starling CEO) ‘The Money Revolution: Easy Ways to Manage Your Finances in a Digital World’, although I fear it may have some heavy biases…

Years ago I read The Money Diet by Martin Lewis, can’t go wrong with anything he’s had a hand in.

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Thanks @Mudlark

I will definitely check these two out as well!

Definitely get the Kindle version haha it’s worth a read :+1:

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I like your money or your life - transform your attitude to money


Nice, we should open a money book thread!