Money tips and where to find them?

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Happy Friday! :tada:

Do you read any blogs about money saving, watch Youtube videos from someone in particular or follow someone on IG that you think gives great advice?

Would love to know who you follow and where you go for tips and tricks?


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To be honest - money and I were never very good friends! I never had much confidence handling money. I have read several books on money but none have ever added to basic common sense which my mother taught me - such as pay debts off fast. All this changed when I joined the old Starling Bank Forum!! The people on there helped me find WealthSimple and the immediacy of Starling really switched me on to the value of planning. Then Starling suggested EMMA last year and I jumped in! Its another step on my way!
With my first date, as a teen, we went to a fortune teller for fun and she said " Sorry dear: but I don’t see any money in his charts" That came true!!

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haha! I am reading Vestpod at the moment, which I mentioned earlier in the week and it’s been really useful I would highly recommend!

I have been looking at IG and blogs lately and there are so many useful tips and tricks out there that people share, I was just wondering if people tend to prefer reading blogs or watching videos or neither?

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So my budgeting comes from little saying passed down or picked up: For example: Making a mistake - is only human: but make the same mistake twice is silly!
I entertain my lady colleagues with all the little sayings no doubt!

I have started to read a digital magazine called Moneywise. I don’t know a great deal about money, and have never been rich. However, I am now in a position where it isn’t all going out on bills so I want to think a bit more carefully about it…


Have you ever checked Money Savings Expert as well? :slight_smile:

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When bored I tend to spend time on the below:
Money Saving Expert
Other Fintech forums such as Monzo/Freetrade etc.