Best money books?

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I recently posted about the book ‘You’re not broke you’re pre rich’ by Vestpod but I wanted to start a new thread that was easier to find. That way people can post their favourite money books below!


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No money books = but I do like a book ^how to manage time^

Hey we just posted some of our favourite money books on IG and Twitter! Check them out below :slight_smile:

  • You’re not broke you’re pre-rich by Emilie Bellet founder of Vestpod

  • Broke Millenial Takes on investing by Erin Lowry (brokemillenial blog)

  • Money: a user’s guide by Laura Whateley

  • Bad with money by Gaby Dunn

  • Open up - The power of talking about money by Alexandre Holder

Don’t forget to tag yours below!

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Copping it @lilli

Not read Anne’s Money Revolution yet but I need to get around to doing that too!


Yes!!! It is a really good book.

Let me know what you think when you have finished reading it!

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Will do :+1: (insert characters to break limit)

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Rich Dad / Poor Dad by far

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I made my whole family read Rich Dad / Poor Dad. :wink: