Emma in US and Canada 🌏

We haven’t announced anything official yet, but we are launching in the :us: and :canada: next month (now it’s official lol). In terms of Emma, the app will be completely the same. We have only removed Rewards and Bank Fees to start with, but have plans to bring them back at a later date.

We have got a testflight ready that fully supports about 10,000+ banks across these two countries. If you have any friends across the pond, now it’s a good time to ping them. :wink:


What banks are available to connect?

It’s about 9k in the US and 30ish in Canada. We are using Plaid.com.

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How many! :hushed:

So slightly more than in the UK then? :joy:


Wow! How is Emma able to connect to so many banks in one go? By comparison the uk version is much slower to add supported banks.

Yes, ahaah.

We are going to use a service provider called Plaid, which is well established and supports everything over there.

If you look at MoneyHub / Yolt, they use Yodlee, which supports way more banks, but it doesn’t work as well as the providers we currently use.

By the way, if you have friends in Canada and US, we are more than happy to share our testflight; just let us know!

Do they count as referrals?

They need our test flight link, so no, but we can make them count manually.

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Hey there. I’m actually an international student studying in the US with both a UK and a US bank account. Is there any chance I can get access to the TestFlight beta?

Yes, of course.

If you reach out to support, we can send the link over. :slight_smile:

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Awesome. I’ve sent an email.

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