Emma Graph - “All Time” option

Those of us who have been using Emma for a while may have data for the Emma Graph that goes back beyond the 1 year mark - this then gets “lost” from the graph view on the one year anniversary. Of course, it is possible to search for old transactions in Emma, but sometimes it would be helpful to know what your balance was over a year ago.

I would like to see an option to see the Emma Graph to “All Time” or “Forever” and for the graph to go back to the very first day you started using Emma.

Am I the only person who would like this?


A further idea:

Long term, I would like to see the Emma Graph evolve into an interface more like Monzo’s Pulse Graph, with it being fully scrollable and including additional information in a popup.

Hey @Seb

I have seen this mentioned a few times by users, I will add it to my list!

Also I have a monzo account but I don’t use it for my main salary at the moment so can’t see the graph you are talking about. Could you please show me an example?

Regarding the Monzo graph, it’s only on the old navigation (so if you have opted in to the new look app it isn’t there anymore).

Basically, it is a line graph at the top of the screen a little bit like Emma’s accounts page, and the idea is that you will see a spike on payday which then trickles down as you spend throughout the month before “shooting up” again when you get your next salary payment. I think it is designed to help you notice when you might be spending your monthly “allowance” a bit too quickly and therefore reign in spending a bit to stay on budget. It also, on some level, recreates the “pain” associated with a cash purchase as you really feel like a lot of money has been spent if the graph rapidly declines.

Going with this is what Monzo call “Summary”, which attempts to work out if you are on track to have money left over or go over budget. It does this by working out your projected “committed spend” (which is basically your regular Direct Debits), taking this off your monthly salary coming in and working out how quickly you are spending on the card to see if it thinks you are going to overspend by spending more than the figure left after committed spend is taken off the salary. It asks you when your payday is to try to make this as accurate as possible.

I would share some screenshots for you, but I don’t use Monzo as my main account either so it doesn’t really show you very much.

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Thanks for this @Seb ! :grin:

Of course!

I have a bit of a passion for Fintech / finance in general so I keep an eye on how different companies are approaching things.

I forgot to mention that the other big difference between Emma’s graph and the Monzo Pulse Graph is that Monzo’s can be infinitely scrolled sideways - so you can go back to right when you first had the account without having to scroll to the bottom of the transaction list or make the overall size of the graph stupidly compacted. This is sometimes useful as it acts as a kind of “jump to a date” tool.

I think it might be very interesting if Emma had a feature a little bit like this, when you could jump back in time and it would show you your balances as they were on the severed day across all accounts, your transactions on that day, analysis for that month, etc. A sort of “Time Machine Mode”.

Perhaps it is too much of a gimmick, but it might be useful to be able to compare in detail how your financial situation has changed over time?

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Yes this is something that a few customers have mentioned previously. It seems people are quite keen to see more than a years worth of their financial history, completely understandable!

At the moment we are sticking to 1 year but maybe in the future we will look into it :slight_smile:


I would say you don’t need to go back far often, but it is something where, on the rare occasions you do need it, it’s a shame it isn’t there.

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But the Emma graph is broken, and can’t be used, so what’s the point?