Chart Improvements

It would be great if the charts had options for more timeframes. The max is currently 1 year so adding a 2yr and 5yr option would be useful. Adding some amounts on the y-axis would also be useful.


On a related note I often find charts don’t accurately reflect the balances with higher points on the chart often showing lower values than lower ones. They’re fine for getting a very rough overview of trends but they would benefit from some more precision imo.

We never did this in the first place because we take 12 months at import and Emma is only 2 years old; so even user number 1 will need to wait another 3 years before seeing 5 years of data in the app. :stuck_out_tongue:

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We are actually working on this. :wink:


Makes sense. Can we have 2 years now though please? :slight_smile:

Agreed @AndyM - I just had a notification from Emma congratulating me on my “two year anniversary” yesterday, so this is a timely post.

I would really like some way to see all my data, perhaps an option to show “All Time”, with it being the maximum amount of data for that customer from when they signed up to the present day could work? Although it might be difficult to scale the graph correctly.

Is this something the Emma team might consider?


Congrats. :wink:

Thanks @edoardomoreni!

I remember chatting to you in the early days on support chats when Emma was still officially in beta, and you had to be invited to sign up.

When I look back on the app then, without the iconic jellybean logo and a much more vanilla design, I’m amazed how far you have come in such a short space of time. I’m looking forward to seeing what you will accomplish in the future, especially with your recent funding round (congrats on that too!).

Thanks for the great service, I’m not sure I could manage my finances without Emma now - it has become indispensable.

All the best!

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Thanks Seb, I remember you too! :wink:

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I feel left out @Seb :disappointed_relieved: :disappointed_relieved:

The important thing is you are here now!

We are all part of the Emma revolution now. I have to thank the people over at the Monzo Community forum though, because that was where I first found out about Emma and signed up to the waiting list after I read about it there.