Budgeting chart improvements

Hi there.

I have been using Monzo Plus for quite some time and fell like their implementation of balance/spending/target is slightly better than Emma’s analytics/budgeting screens.

The main difference is ability to exclude categories e.g. bills from the target and ability to see a nice visualisation of spend.

This is way better then Emma’s circular visualisation of budgeting.

Monzo is still behind because they lack fundamental features:

  1. Integrations, eg they still don’t have Virgin, not to say Chase
  2. Inability to change dates, split transactions for external accounts
  3. Still no combined feed.

They surely don’t want to incentivise users spending more with their credit cards etc, so it is unlikely they will prioritise developing those features.

Emma on the other side has all the main features but for some reason is behind with visualisations.

Spend over time was a good improvement but has major issues:

  • inability to exclude bills that take most of the budget for many. This results in a huge graph jump at around 1st of months or whenever most of the bills are paid.
  • chart goes up which is not logical as user is spending money and budget should be reduced.
  • does not make sense to compare to a previous period all the time. Avg spend per day trendline sometimes might be more suitable.

Interesting to know what everyone else thinks.

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This is part of our plans - we really need to prioritise it.

For the graph that goes down, I am not sure how they would render committed spending.

Well that’s the thing - they don’t show committed in a target chart as in most of cases it is excluded.
Have you ran stats on what % of committed is bills?

As for a balance chart, where you cannot exclude categories, the dotted line takes into account committed by dropping the predicted line.

The ability to exclude a whole category would be great. I am moving into a new house just now with lots of extra expenses that I already had saving put aside to cover. Unfortunately it means the day to day budgets won’t really work until I have finished with the house expenses.

I don’t want to exclude all the house transactions as I want to monitor that spend in its own house category to make sure I don’t go over budget on that. I did try added the house stuff to my normal budget but it didn’t work that well.

This is interesting and something that I think alot of others would also appreciate! We’ll have to put some thought into hwo that could be incorporated!