Emma 3.0 Designs

This sounds like MoneyHub to me. I gave up with MoneyHub partly because this behaviour irritated me so much.

Personally I wouldn’t like a system that forced you to categorise or review every assignment. If such a system were introduced I think it should be optional.


100% - I think optional reminders or something might be an idea, to get people into the habit of checking.

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Mostly like the new design but some suggestions:

  • Give the icons under the Net Worth some title/explanation - don’t make users guess what they are. Is the third one “Settings”, “Buy Flowers” or a really plump gummy bear?

  • Add a scale on the graphs - my personal pet peeve about current Emma because whether it’s £10 or £1000 increase, the graph looks the same.

  • Put the upgrade options in context, not on it’s own tab. Add it to a More tab, but also dot the upgrade benefits where people will see a benefit, e.g. refresh the accounts - show a banner to upgrade for increased bank refreshes. Add a ghost transaction just below what looks like a cash back opportunity, etc etc

  • I love how you are looking to encourage people to SAVE - please enable roundups using Open Banking VRP this year, and please help and encourage self employed and digital platform workers save for their taxes (even if just suggesting this as a category for pockets). They will thank you later.

  • Make the gummy bear smaller on the upgrade page. As a follow on from the “childish” colour comments, I want to feel special and feel like I’m getting value, and a visual aid as to what I’m going to get if I upgrade is important to me. I don’t want to feel like I’m upgrading to a bigger gummy bear.

Anyways, just some of my thoughts.


@lobbers all really good feedback! Agree with everything.


Yes, this is coming.

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Is there any definitive date we can look forward to for the new design.


End of February for sure. :slight_smile:


How about we finally have that conversation about the taxes solution? :pray:t3:

Would also be helpful for Emma investors filing their EIS certificates after April.

Any beta previews?

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Any update?


Not yet, we are working on it. :wink:

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Hey Everyone!

We need a few users to try out the new design. It’s not finished yet and there are still a few bugs but we want to get some initial feedback on it.

If you’re down to try it, leave your emma.to links below and we can enable it on your account



Sure. emma.to/kiranv


:moneybag: https://emma.to/fergusonnathan

Check out this free app —— it Pays to Save Money :moneybag: https://emma.to/andy1