Do you own a business?

Hey Everyone

I was just talking to @Hans about having your own business and so I thought I would start a new thread…

Do you currently own a business? What kind of business do you own?

Do you have a side business? What is it?

If you don’t own a business but would like to, what would it be?


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I would love to be a herbalist. My dad used to go into the countryside and bring leaves etc. back and use them as a tonic. We thought he was mad!! I knew a lady who had amazing complexion and only used her mum made face cream.
It would be very interesting.

So like /rant in advance

Basically like, my town has like no jobs for Software Engineers that I can apply for.

It’s awful - a junior job here requires 1-3 years of experience.

My best bet is an 18 month apprenticeship at Nationwide which would get me the experience and guarantee me a job and some specialization in AML/Fraud.

But it’s a Level 3 apprenticeship, I’m not interested in doing that after I’ve already done Level 4.

So I’ve always kind of wanted to go into business on my own in the whole SaaS market. I’ve always wanted a tracker for TV shows and books (specifically revolving around the anime market) that had heavy integration with merch and the source material (so for example you could buy the book from clicking on the page) - which ironically is a potential revenue stream.

As I have another 2 years of university to go - I’m tempted to give it a shot as a sole trader :clap: I can afford to run it at a loss for quite a while even if I were to stop working full-time.


TvTime? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Similar but not exact :persevere: