What's your main financial priority?

In terms of financial priorities, what are you focussing on at the moment?

  • Saving
  • Reducing debt
  • Investing
  • Budgeting

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I’ll go first… my main priority at the moment is saving (for a house deposit)

What about you?

Hitting the 1m by 30 mark :slight_smile: good luck on your house deposit

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1M net worth? Love that goal! Are you on track?

And thank you!

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Currently breaking even (1-2k net worth?) which for university student at 20 is probably on track enough, especially since my family is quite poor

Have a few business ideas I want to put to the test as well, gonna see how to go about funding them

15k in premium bonds so I guess I could potentially be a millionaire next month though

Also got investments in finance and technology, + some blue chips

This is exciting! I guess you can’t tell the internet what these ideas are yet?

Fingers crossed for you - not long now until the next draw :crossed_fingers:

Ohhhh but I can, to roughly quote YCombinator; “all good ideas seem like rubbish to someone else”

So to list:

  • Roblox Game Studio
  • Anime/Manga Tracking platform with a focus on eCommerce
  • Modernisation company for small takeaways and restaurants (things like QR menus, new online Point of Sale, ability to place orders from the table)
  • Uber but for filling last minute job vacancies (for example a server not turning up for a shift and you can’t find cover)

I have no clue what either of these things are :joy:

But I love both of these ideas!

Re small takeaway idea - I guess most places have resorted to using Deliveroo/ Ubereats for this?

Roblox is a gaming platform that I used to play when I was maybe 9-13 (I’m now about to turn 21) and it’s very child centred and ignored by major game studios. But recently Roblox listed on one of the two stock markets in New York, to follow that they’ve added a Premium Membership (you get their in-game currency for playtime that premium users accrue) and you can also sell items etc within a game to users again for their in-game currency

The juicy bit is now you can exchange the in-game currency for USD, which they’d wire to you. Thanks to Wise, this is a pretty sexy prospect even outside of America.

As for the anime/manga tracker, anime is Japanese animation and manga is like a colourless comic, read right to left (because it’s in Japanese or translated and their writing system is right to left up to down, in books form, but left to right on websites. or something close to this)

But all the currently platforms are barely profitable enough for a single lone developer or have a massive media conglomerate behind them and churn losses

My idea would be to build an eStore, to sell misc items like stickers etc. but I’d also heavily lean on Amazon referrals, for example imagine you’re on a GoT site and you see a t-shirt listed via Amazon, you click on it and don’t buy it. Not a problem, Amazon sets a cookie so any purchase you make within a month I’d get profit on, for sending you to Amazon to begin with

I’d also build in a premium subscription, somehow :slight_smile:

Yeah, modernisation of takeaways is pretty much exclusively handled by the big three of Just Eat, Deliveroo and Uber Eats but, I think there’s areas that commercially just don’t make sense for them to offer (in other words, they couldn’t really break into a restaurant market post-COVID as some are going to stop delivery and won’t keep it for things like QR menus + you can’t really bill on a % fee for this kind of product, which is what they like)

Sounds really interesting! You’ll have to let us know when you start working on all these things :raised_hands::raised_hands:

Working on a revamp of my portfolio site rn but afterwards I’ll be moving towards Emiru (the tracker) on the domain https://emiru.moe

Well, i did some more research into tax and the tracker idea is no longer very viable 🥲 thanks EU for not giving SME the right to charge tax at one rate

Found out it was meant to penalise Amazon who were using Luxembourg to make prices artificially cheaper by charging Kindle books at 3% VAT

Now it’s screwed every company that can’t afford to enter a market and comply with VAT filings for 27 countries