Emma for business accounts

Hi everyone - I work for a Fintech and am currently attending a hackathon where we’re looking at building some cool prototypes around finance - and one of the questions that has come up has been around personal vs business accounts when it comes to awesome apps like Emma. So question to everyone - do you use Emma or other similar apps for business accounts? Or do you tend to only use them for your personal ones?

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hey @daniielrp, awesome that you are doing a Hackathon! @antonio was quite into the scene.

In terms of Emma, we have made the decision to remove biz accounts to completely focus on consumer stuff. We have the ability to enable them from our side, if this is more like a personal / freelance account.

I think the space is huge and there is definitely the possibility of building a full B2B solution. I can see us building it, but it will take sometime.

In terms of alternatives, I know Bankin supports biz accounts and I think MoneyDashboard as well.