Working From Home

Did everyone catch last night’s announcement from Bo Jo?

He’s suggested that everyone should go back to working from home where possible.

For anyone that is working from home at the moment, what are your thoughts on the situation? Do you prefer to work from home?

And has anyone looked into/ applied for the work from home tax relief?

I didn’t enjoy working from home and I had 2 days in the office last week (this week off work).

I finally got used to working from home and don’t mine it now but much prefer to be in the office.

I applied for the standard £6 a week from lockdown until I went into the office last week.

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There needs to be a balance. 2 days WFH and 3 days in the office in my humble opinion. There are pros and const to both. Didn’t know about this tax relief - looking into it, thanks.

Yeah, nice to have a bit of variety. I know a few people that are just going into the office one day a week now - seems to be working quite well for them.


What is this?

It was mentioned on the Money Saving Expert newsletter a couple of weeks ago :blush:

You could apply for more than the minimum but the basic is no questions asked basically.

A colleague managed to claim for printer, desk, electricity increase etc… but not a spare monitor.

Wonder why that was rejected?

Did you go through your company, or apply on the GOV website?

It wasn’t me but they did submit it. I think it’s likely deemed as not essential to working from home and something a company should bare the cost of rather than the government. I agree.

I just did the flat £6 a week which went through fine. I can’t imagine the electricity cost me anything more than an extra £2 or so and for some of lockdown my better half was stuck abroad so I was saving energy too!

Personally I have been enjoying WFH.
I’ve got my gaming setup tailored to everything I need which I also use for work now.

I find it easier to focus on complex tasks as haven’t got people in the office interrupting me anymore.
However, I do miss seeing my colleagues, the general banter around the office, and the after work events! :frowning:

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Sounds like you’ve got a great setup!