Detecting bank fees


Loving the app but have found some transactions that I believe should be identified under the Bank Fees section but aren’t. Our HSBC bank fees are correctly identified but our Santander 123 bank fees aren’t. They have the description Maintaining The Account - Monthly Fee. Can these be included in Bank Fees.

Also, if you’re already detecting bank fees for informational purposes, can you not also include a “bank fees” category and automatically categorise these transactions at the same time? For us they’re all in General which doesn’t seem great.



Hey, thanks for this feedback!

We can definitely add these. :slight_smile:

@VaradhK can double check why we are not taking them into account.

Regarding the category, this is a different logic and at this point, we don’t have plans to expand the default ones.

@jw5577 I’m on it :muscle:t5:
If anyone else has any bank fees we are missing it would be worth posting here also :blush:.

I have a transaction with Tesco bank and it’s just named charges and that’s not been added as bank fees.

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You have a section for bank fees could be interesting for something to keep a better eye on interest earned.

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Do you know the exact reference name? :slight_smile:


Okay, thanks for sharing. We can look this up and fix.

I have more of these with Natwest. Why can’t we manually select something as a bank fee / have a bank fee category? Thanks

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Hey @Emmathedog, can you report them to support in the app? :slight_smile:

I did and they say they have marked them, but they don’t appear yet. I guess I just need to wait a while.

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