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Are there any other users of the eWallet system here?

Chip Website

It’s essentially an automated savings app that will assess how much you can save (and subsequently save said amount into an electronic wallet).

You start off with 1% savings interest, but with every recommended friend who signs up with your reference (PSST… 6I4O3J) you both receive an extra % (max 5%).

I’ve found it to be pretty useful with the automation aspect, but I find the 5% savings rate pretty much impossible to beat. It also helps that they’re connected to Emma :wink:

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I have tried it after Emma launched the integration, so I am in the early days. Have you got the 5% savings rate?

I did, but it then reset back to 1% at the end of the year. I’m now on the begging train to get people to sign up and get myself back up to 5% :joy:

Oh, and my response to when they say the maximum you can manually deposit is £600pm…

so basically every year it resets back, but you are allowed to make 5 more intros to go up again?

Yeah, that’s no problem. I presume it’s just a part of their ‘slow-burn’ marketing.

I imagine it’s all VC funding… I mean the interest? :rofl:

Hey @alan

When do you plan on launching Chip X?

He won’t tell… Do I still get it for free? :slight_smile:

@grant.m no finite plans yet on that as we’ve still got some FCA hoops to jump through, but it’s on its way.

@edoardomoreni as long as Emma is free for me, ChipX will be free for you! :grin: See you Monday.

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Ehehe looking forward to meeting on Monday. :slight_smile:

Can also confirm that we should also be adding Transactions (and maybe goals) to the Chip integration soon :grin:. Shameless plug of my referral code 2YHS3S, I’m still on 0% :ok_hand:t5::sweat_smile:.


If CLEVER3 is still working, new accounts can get 3% straight away.

It’s been a while since I used it though.

If it’s anything like the old Chip, you may be able to close your existing account and open one with a different code anyway

You know that @alan works at chip, right? :rofl:

Haha, amazing.

That’s a problem for Alex not me :grin: let’s hope he doesn’t find his way here.


:shushing_face: Should have kept it on the down low :joy:

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I’ve left some suggested improvements/ pointed out some bugs on the JIRA board, but no one has even acknowledged them.

Is that the best place to forward suggestions on or is there somewhere better?

Each intro for 1% lasts year. If you intro more they stack up to become active when one expires. You can manually save up to £100 6 times a month, in addition to the auto saves. You can increase the amount of auto save. There is a £10,000 limit in the account. ChipX is due in a few months, Chip 2, already has the landing page for it. Chip 2 allows you to link your bank card and do all saves, manual or suto are credited same day. Previously it was DD and took 3 or 4 days. I think it is a great app and try getting 5% on this amount anywhere else.

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Has someone made the math on how much people can potentially make?

If you made max saving in year 1 you would earn about £250 at 5%. If you able to keep the 5% into the next year, it would be £500 a year. Interest is paid quarterly.