Capital ‘W’ in ‘Natwest’?


Please don’t judge me, but the app spells the bank ‘NatWest’ as ‘Natwest’, and I was wondering whether the ‘w’ could be made capital? The full name of the bank is National Westminster Bank, and they usually write themselves as ‘NatWest’ (also, not that this matters, but Yolt and Money Dashboard both write ‘NatWest’).

I am one of those annoying guys who is super attentive to details, but I really appreciate what Emma has done with this community, because it really shows some serious commitment to the user experience and the app overall. Keep it up, and I hope you all have a great day :wave:


Thanks for the feedback. I guess we are not NatWest customers yet. :sob:

I am asking on of the engineers to change this right away. :wink: