Capital One *Bank* (Not Credit Card) Sign in issue

Hi! I know that there is some sort of issues with Plaid and the Capital One Credit Card system.

However, is there some kind of issue with Capital One the bank and Plaid’s log in system as well?

I ask because I created two new Capital One bank accounts last night, and for some reason, I can’t log in with Emma to manage them. That’s kind of a bummer, because I signed up with Capital One to take advantage of their Welcome Bonus of $400 per account.

Basically, with this log in difficulty, I’m left with the choice of either foregoing $800 in FREE money, to keep the Emma App, or to leave the Emma App, at least temporarily, to keep managing my money like I have been. This is a bummer for me.

Any update from your end on any issues with Capital One? Thank you.

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Frustratingly, our connection with Capital One US via Plaid is down and has been down for over a year now.

This is due to Capital One imposing restrictions on Plaid’s ability to connect. To the best of my knowledge, Capital One is blocking anyone that doesn’t have an agreement with them.

We’re looking into how we can connect directly with Capital One US so people can begin connecting these to Emma again

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Thank you Joel! I decided to stick with Emma, at least for the time being, and I just created two offline accounts for the checking accounts.

We’ll see how it goes for now.

I got an email saying the capital one issue will be solved soon. Can you elaborate on a tentative date please?

You know the funny thing is is that I’ve enjoyed using my offline accounts. I can instantly adjust the values right then and there and know what’s supposed to be in my account. Don’t get me wrong I love auto syncing. But it doesn’t sync often enough for it to mean anything, compared to the instant gratification of adjusting the value right there.

Never thought I’d feel like that. I wouldn’t have come this far financially if it wasn’t for Emma’s auto syncing. I never in a million years would think that I would enjoy offline accounts but I do! I wish there was a way to blend the two. like Emma letting me know if there’s a discrepancy between what plaid is reporting as my balance and what I have reporting as my balance. That would be the best of both worlds!

U mean u track within the emma app Manually?

Yes. I just created a few “Offline Accounts” for my Capital One accounts.

Any update on the Capital One issue?

Hey @Toastmaster :wave:

We reckon the issues with Capital One should be solved in the next week or so :blush:

Hi there. Something seems to be broken with the Capital One - Emma API. All has been working fine for months and previously renewed no problem, now is pinging me round in a circle.
Link through to Capital One ok and can select to approve open banking, but it doesn’t register the approval.

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I’ve just moved your comment into this thread - we’re hoping that this issue will be solved in the next couple of days! :crossed_fingers:

HI, just downloaded the app and when I tried to link my Capital One account it says “Couldn’t connect to your institution”. So the issue is still there.

Hey @billvoila

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We’re really sorry but this is taking a little longer than we expected. Hopefully we can sort this in the next week or so!

Everything is finally syncing! Hurray! Now I have a new problem. :joy: Emma is thinking my credit card payments are “income”, and has grossly over inflated my net worth as a result…not sure if that is a bad problem or not. :thinking::rofl:

Thank you Emma Team for resolving this issue!!!

Is the checking account from which the credit card payment is coming from connected to Emma as well? If so, it should exclude it automatically (it’s possible that this is broken since the Capital One integration is a new one for us).

Regardless of this, you can fix this by changing the category of those payments to “excluded” (it will learn and automatically do it for future ones).

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Awesome! Will do! Thank you so much!

@billvoila just a heads-up that Capital One is ready to go :stuck_out_tongue: