Export Improvement - possible bug NATWEST import or export not setting Bank Name

IMPORT from NatWest not setting Bank name in Export

I setup Emma with my NatWest account first.
Then I added all my other accounts and cards but they’re named after the bank.

When I signed up for Emma Pro and did export all.
Theres two columns related to the Account
Account: String
Bank: String

Issue: all NatWest rows show blank column for Bank
Account column: This says “John Smith” - all other accounts/card use the bank name.
Bank: Bank is BLANK - should be NatWest

Temp fix - I can rename the account in Emma from Brian Clear to “NatWest”
This fixed the Account column.
But the Bank column remains blank.
I don’t want to reimport it. I’ve set up tagging etc.

Either the export is wrong and not showing Bank name for Nat West
or the original import failed and didnt set Bank Name.
Note: this is my main current account so was setup first.
I cant rememeber if there was a wizard but all other accounts were setup when app in normal operation.

Hey @clearbrian, thanks for the heads up! We can definitely fix this. :slight_smile: