Bill Sharing Is Coming 📝

We’re working on a new feature - Bill Sharing :memo:

When you select a transaction within your account, the option ‘Share This Payment’ is available.

Once you choose to share this payment, you’re able to select as many people as you’d like to divide that payment between. If you select someone who is not yet an Emma user, an invite will be sent to them to sign up and make the payment. There is also a new shortcut to add that payment to a group.

Once that is all done, you will see the people you are sharing the bill with and their payment status. It will either show as ‘pending’ or ‘paid’ and the amount for each user.

You can also generate a request link to send to each person as a request for payment.

This is currently available on Android Beta - let us know your thoughts!

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Looks exciting but getting others to sign up will be the challenge, especially as my better half uses Dozens which Emma refuses to connect with.

Can I ask how you handle odd amounts? Monzo always preferences the person who paid originally to pay the extra penny, e.g. £10.11 would result in the person who paid sharing £5.06 and the person they request from £5.05.

All those pennies add up! :joy:

That’s the reason why we built the feature. :stuck_out_tongue:

This feature is slowly rolling out to everyone enjoy! :slight_smile: