Basic math in budget editing

I’d love it if there was a quick way to add / subtract in the budget editing. Say like I have 5 bills I want to add into the Bills category. I don’t want to have to total those 5 bills up… I want to just select Bills and hit +50 or whatever to add $50. Or -25 to subtract $25, etc.

One of my favorite open source apps, GnuCash, has this feature. So I just click on a transaction amount and just put +25 to add $25 to it and not have to solve the math first.

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Hey @Jason

This is quite a cool idea - do you think the bills category is the only category where you’d find this useful? Or would you want the option to be available for all cats?

It’d be useful in all of them, but the Bills one is the place where I’d have the most use for it.