Pendings in budget option

Would be great to get pending transactions included within the budgets. (Not just total but per category) I know you can’t amend the category of pendings but as most categorize correctly still feel would be worthwhile. Could have a toggle switch ‘include pending transactions’ to make optional thanks!

The treatment of pending in the app does indeed feel a bit disjointed. Seems odd to me to give pending transactions a regular category given they aren’t incorporated into category budgets/analytics and can’t be edited.

I’d like to see improved coherence here, although the suggestion I have is different to yours. Given they can’t be edited, I’d personally like to see pending transactions assigned a “pending” category for analytics This way, I could see at a glance total amount pending at any given time. This could be shown in the spending wheel on the budgeting page (spending segment could be broken down into spent and pending) and could be shown as a category at the top of the analytics page.

This is interesting so what would happen with those transactions in the category once they have gone through?

If this is commenting on my suggestion, I would suggest that once the transaction is no longer pending it should just gain a regular category based on whatever existing algorithms you use to assign categories. The “pending” category would be useful for a live view of the current state of your finances during the stage at which it isn’t possible to edit the category and whilst the transaction isn’t included in budgeting. But after that the current budgeting and analytics approach would be used.

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Actually a brilliant idea, closest thing to lice updates possible