Budget Setting Request (% Category)


When setting the allowance of each budget category, would it be possible to set it as a % of the total budget value?

For example:

60% of total budget for Category Y, 12% of total budget for Category B etc.

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Just to follow up on this idea:

It would be great to set your budget as a live running total of all income.

That means your % for each budget category can change (grow) throughout the month.

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It’s a really cool concept! I’ll pass this on to the product team.

Just to follow up, how do you currently adjust your budget when unexpected expenses come up?

I’ve got my own separate spreadsheet set up that allocates my total budget towards categories (based on average % spend within same tax year of each category).

Then whenever I earn cashback, cash gifts etc. This will then get added towards my available budget and increase the %’s automatically.

My spreadsheet also detects when I’m within 5% of my total available budget for say Category Y and then subsequently redirects available funds from the budget allocation still available for other categories (if that makes sense).

Overall, the system learns each month and there should be an eventual reduction in changes each month.

How long did it take you to get your spreadsheet to this level of automation?

We’d love to know if there are any specific features from your spreadsheet that you think would be beneficial to incorporate into the app.