Balance Change transactions

Just noticed this morning that every time I change the balance of an offline account it creates a “Balance Change” transaction. I’ve been doing this for years with my offline investment accounts without this transaction appearing.

It’s messing up my budget - is there a way to disable them, please?


I’m having the same issue. Also if balance change is an increase that transaction will show as a negative amount and vice versa.

Here’s an example. I increase the balance by £5 but it shows as a negative amount.

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Thanks for the feedback.

We started showing balance change transactions to give more granular control over how the chart would display, as before all balance change operations were hidden and every now and then we get customers who don’t remember changing the balance and wondering why their chart is going up or down a certain way (and not being able to change that to their needs).

There’s no way to disable them but we are changing this to default to all these newly created transactions to the excluded category. This stops them interfering with your budget.

This was a bug on some accounts that we’ve now just fixed.

Thanks - I was having to do this manually. Thanks for fixing the income/expenditure anomaly, too :slight_smile:


Great. Fixed :clap:t4:


I had the same issues with these and had reached out to the chat.
Thanks for fixing this so quickly.

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