Balance calculation issue

In the screenshot you can see there is something causing my balance to displayed incorrectly… it should be $6600 something rather than $4000 something.

This was what was displayed prior to syncing, will update if syncing fixes the discrepancy.

Sometimes it takes quite a long time for the balances to update. Try closing the app and clearing the cache. Also, resync. Sometimes just going in and out of the account works as well.

Are you sure the transactions that have changed the balance have cleared and aren’t pending?

Here’s my balance post-sync & post-cache clearing. I checked pending charges and it’s only around $150 on a credit card…

I also do not have any offline accounts nor smart rules. No property, vehicle, etc. Just debit & credit accounts as well as savings/retirement (all the other categories are accurate, just not everyday)

What’s more interesting is the amounts listed in the net worth area show the more accurate amounts!

My totals also don’t match what is held in my accounts.

Update: 2 days later & various manual sync’s, cache clearings, and various other attempts. The values have self-corrected somehow. The actual account balances have changed slightly (more credit & less debit) yet the overall everyday balance has jumped from ~$4,600 to ~$6,600

Thanks for reporting this, we have opened an internal ticket.

Live chat is really useful for us, so if you see anything similar, feel free to report it.