Foreign exchange transactions keep changing

I have some large foreign exchange transactions from February and they keep getting revalued instead of remaining at a fixed conversion rate. This means that my expenditure analysis keeps changing on a material value in any month I have large foreign exchange transactions. For small amounts it is also annoying

This in my opinion is not the right approach.

I accept that any balance of funds in foreign bank accounts should be revalued each day to the current exchange rate as they currently are and this should not be changed.

However the transactions should be fixed at the orginal rate they were conducted in and NOT subject to revaluation each day.

This suggested approach is standard pratice


Agree on this. The approach should be to convert at the exchange rate of the day the transaction was conducted, not the current rate.

Hey @Wmeads001 :wave:t2:

Can you send me a screenshot of some of the transactions you’re talking about via chat? I can then take some specific examples to the team

Hi Joel

Here are two screen shots taken at different times of the same transactions. These are from the budget analysis pages so you can see the total and individual transactions keep changing value