Incorrect dates for manual balance updates

I’ve just updated my balance for several offline accounts, 9th June.

The chart shows that balance from the 24th May and gives no option for me to change it. I tried again with a slightly different value and again, it backdates the transaction for some reason. Should there be an option to input the date of the balance?

Is it possible to show the balance updates in the transactions list for offline accounts? This would be much better than adding transactions when there are none but when investments change in value, which is not really a transaction.

Previously I have worked out the difference and added this as a transaction which is obviously not ideal and time consuming for users.

Thanks :blush:

The best way to do this is to create a transaction to update the balance and change the date of the transaction. :wink:

Thank you Eduardo. So if for example one of my investments has grown from 20k to 21k, I have to manually work out the increase, and then add this value as ‘income’? This is what I’m trying to avoid. I can’t see a way of adding an updated balance as a transaction.

The first problem stands, the updated balance on the chart shows from a couple of weeks ago and not today.

If you create a +£1,000 transaction, that will do the job

Yes that will work, but it’s me doing the work and not the app. I’m sure most people have a lot of different investments and I certainly don’t have the time to be calculating the difference of each to add what is not a transaction to a manual account.

Something to think about rather than using time consuming work arounds.

Manual calculations on the users behalf I don’t feel is a solution.

There is also the original bug I mentioned that needs addressing. When I change the balance the date is incorrect and for some reason gets back dated to an old date rather than today.