Virtual transaction when changing balance

Would it be possible to add a virtual transaction into an offline account when changing the balance at an account level? This virtual transaction would hold the difference between the new and old balance and you should be able to perform all the same type of actions on it like categories, tags, etc

Use case for me when exporting the data, you don’t get your offline accounts unless there has been a transaction. So it works great for total view of all accounts in Emma but if you’re a data nerd like me then you have to do the manual addition of a transaction to play with the balances

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Heyyy @jakes

You can add your own transactions to offline accounts - just click into the offline account and press Add Transaction. This will change the balance and will show up on your export!

I know. But I’m unashamedly lazy. If I change the balance and it generates all what I need them way less taps.

Boom! Three cheers for efficiency

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Would also find this feature useful for my investment accounts. Was discussed here earlier, and seems there are quite a few people who would find this helpful for this purpose:

Actually that thread describes EXACTLY what I’m after in a much more elegant way.

Ok, gotcha!

If we automatically create the virtual transactions every time you update the balance, what do you think we should use to name each transaction? Date & acc?

I think the naming of the adjustment is less important, although I’m sure someone could come up with a good usecase for having it in a certain convention.

If it was just given the name “Manual Balance Adjustment”, I’d be happy :slight_smile:

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Agreed. Manual balance update is ok for me.

Ok - good to know. Thanks both :+1: