Emma Feature Request

Hi, I have just started the trail for Emma Pro and there are a few features which I would like to see added before I join so I would like to share them.

  1. On the Net worth feature,when I input my Real Estate value I would like to be able to offset the mortgage value to come with a net value. At the moment if I enter the property value the net worth is incorrect due there being no mortgage offset. I think it would be a simple feature to add, when someone inputs a property they input two figures one for the property (asset value) and one for the mortgage (liability value)

  2. When you input a property I think you should be able to include a purchase date for that property. The reason I say this is, if I input a property the feature seems to backdate the graph as though you have always owned that property and therefore makes the graph an inaccurate representation of tracking your net worth.

I think this would make the tracking more accurate.

You can add your mortgage as a “Loan” account. Presumably that then comes off your net worth?

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You can add the property as a transaction inside a manual savings account as well, which fixes the date problem.

All in all, the Real Estate part doesn’t really help us…


Heyyy @Lukeb :wave:

Welcome to the Emma Community!

If you have any tips that could help us make this more useful then let us know!

If you want to go the whole hog, build a full property valuation and mortgage screen. You could tie in with mortgage brokers and make a fortune! As it is, it would make more sense to simplify accounts into asset and liability.

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