Auto top-up of current account

One feature I’ve been looking for is an auto top-up of current account from savings/investment ( in my case ISA ).

Logic would be something like “if current account goes below £500, transfer £700 from savings to current”.

This would allow access to cash but still keep most in savings/investment account.

This is an interesting idea!

We’ve just added Payments into Emma so you can send and request money to and from friends, and soon we’ll be adding the ability to transfer between your own accounts.

Auto top-ups could be the next stage on from that. I’ll suggest it to the team :blush:

Would you use it in the other direction too? I.e. if your current account is more than X, transfer X into savings/ investments?

Yes, I think thats an equally valid case :slight_smile:

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Awesome - I’ll speak to the team and let you know if we could see our new payments feature heading in this direction :raised_hands:

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