Transfer between manual accounts

Would be good to be able to transfer between manual accounts.

I currently maintain a running value of my Barclays stock account and this would be useful when transferring amounts


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The issue I can see with this would be that no money is actually being transferred so it could become be confusing. Could you expand on your idea and how it would work for you?

Yeah thought I’d best add some stuff here for all to see :slight_smile:

I suppose you’re right in that no money is really being transferred. My ISA stock account has a cash pot and shares for which I’ve set up two manual accounts. Cash obvs stays the same but the share value varies. Every month I just check the difference to the share value since last month and add the difference to kind of get an idea of what the value was historically. When I sell some of these shares, I fix the value and then transfer that out to the cash pot.

Think I’m trying to be too clever here with this and tbh on reflection this is likely an isolated use case

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+1. I have a few accounts that aren’t supported by Emma (e.g. my Euro accounts with N26 and KBC) and often transfer between them. Currently I have to manually add a credit to one and then manually add a debit to the other. Would be great if I could just do a transfer between them :slight_smile:

Would be good to be able to mark a transaction from a supported account with an API as a transfer to manual account (and the other way around if possible), so that there is no need to add those manually :slight_smile: