Manual account automatic balance updates idea

Do you think it would be possible, at some point, to tie transactions to manual accounts, hopefully? So the manual account balances are updated based on the transactions. E.g. a manual savings account could be tied to transactions from a certain vendor or transaction reference and the manual account total is updated based on whether those transactions are in-going or out-going, hopefully?


+1 for this. I was just about to creat a thread for the same request. It doesn’t even have to be automatic. If I could simple mark a transaction as reducing a balance on an account. That would be great

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I think this is a great idea to increase cohesion in-app :nerd_face: @edoardomoreni possibility?


Thanks for the reply, love your guys and gals app, and look forward to hearing more from you all, hopefully!


And some more words to make it 10 characters :slight_smile:

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Also with manual accounts, if I add a future dated transaction, it updates my balance upon adding, rather than on the date the payment is set to, though I guess automatic balances might compensate for this?

Yesss I can’t wait for this to happen in Emma :crossed_fingers: