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Actually Joel, much as I genuinely appreciate your efforts I have closed my Emma account. The whole subscriptions piece is just too flaky (I had other weird stuff happening with transactions appearing and disappearing at will). Add to that the fact that half
of my other accounts are not available and the app just isn’t fit for purpose. It’s also rather creepy when an app named Emma tells me how handsome I am and how much I mean to her, I mean it! Those quotes on the home screen need to go.

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Hello, he meant in the live chat we have in the app. We can quickly check and resolve everything. :slight_smile:

The chat is in the More tab, if you click Support.

This can happen if you have already paid them in your pay period. If you have, they will show up in the budgeting categories.

Hello everyone,
I have been trying out emma and so far the experience has been great.
My question is if there is (or ever will be) some way to add personal funds to the app from a source which is not directly supported. For example a sum of money which is in cash, a rent deposit, a custom script which periodically searches prices of collectible items and outputs an estimated value etc.

This is available in the Pro version of the app.

As @grant.m mentioned, you can add manual accounts in Emma Pro. You can upgrade from the More tab. :slight_smile:

Hi there,

I’m quite new to the app (only been using it a few days) but already find it fascinating and as someone who has “stuck their head in the sand” for far too many years, when it comes to managing personal finance… A little bit scary at times now I’m actually seeing where my money is going!!

I’m sure this is really obvious and I’m possibly over thinking but I’m really struggling to get my head around the excluded category and why credit card payments, or a transfer to another account (e.g. ISA) would be excluded.

You might have guessed from the 1st paragraph but I’m fairly new to monitoring and categorising the cashflow, so I think this is just my understanding of budgeting and cashflow monitoring in general which is failing, rather than an actual problem with the app but any help around this is greatly welcomed :slightly_smiling_face:.

My last question (for now) is based around how the company logos get associated with a transaction. I have a couple of Transactions for Brewers Fayre (a pub / restaurant chain) however these were incorrectly linked to Brewers Decorators Centres. I was able to change the logo using the improve logo and name link but the name still shows as Brewers Decorators Centres. Is there a way to get this changed to the correct merchant?

Thanks for help in both these areas,



We already read credit card transactions in the app and a repayment is the sum of them, so this would double count. :slight_smile:

What’s this all about? :eyes:

How will Gummy Bears be used in app?

Hey Aaron,

Welcome to the community! :partying_face:

Building on what @edoardomoreni said, if you’re transferring money between accounts that are connected in Emma, always exclude the transaction.

If you transfer money to an account that isn’t connected in Emma (perhaps your ISA?), I wouldn’t categorise the transaction as ‘excluded’.

For the company logos, can you reach out to us in chat about this?

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I tried Emma some months back but didn’t finishing setting it up. Trying to do it now but there doesn’t appear to be a pets category. Was this removed as I’m pretty sure it was there before. Is this now only a available with a pro membership?

Hi @Micky, we never had this. :slight_smile:

Ok thanks. It must have been another similar app