Are you still planning a holiday this year?

Just out of interest, how many of you are still planning a holiday for this year? :beach_umbrella::sunny::sunglasses:

I’d like to think that I’d have some form of holiday, but all the uncertainty is stopping me from planning anything!

Would be cool to hear your thoughts on it all!?

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My friends are all heading away but I’m being more cautious as it will mean I can’t see my niece etc if I had to isolate. I’m planning more long weekends to use up some annual leave but mostly camping, hiking, coastal forests etc…

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Ooo where would you say are the best places for hiking in the UK?
I did the 4 day hike around Torres Del Paine last year (was my first ever hike haha) and I really got the bug for it!

I am itching to abroad for a beach holiday but I am not sure. I want to plat it safe, however, life must go on so I’m on in limbo mode right now.


Limbo mode is a great way to put it!

A beach holiday in the UK just isn’t the same as abroad is it!? Too much chance of rain haha :umbrella:

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I am not going anywhere. Too risky. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Costa Del London it is :raised_hands:


It’s not that bad a place. My fiancé got a beach towel, a beach video on TV, and laid out on the living room floor sipping cocktails early lockdown.

I worked.

I’m heading campaign next weekend to escape for a day or two. :slight_smile:

Hahah this is incredible!

sadly the water isn’t as crystal clear or warm as other country - shame as there are so many beautiful places in the UK!

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Most of my breaks this year, at home and abroad, have been cancelled due to some pandemic that’s going on :man_shrugging:

Holding on to two caravan breaks in October at the moment though, Yorkshire and Devon :crossed_fingers:

I just back from a camping trip to Scotland last week. Never again - everything that could go wrong went wrong :man_facepalming:


I camped for one night in my back garden during lockdown, in order to test the tent that had been in the attic for years.

It rained. Tent leaked.

Didn’t inspire me to go camping properly :rofl:

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Very lucky you tested it out then! Nothing worse than having to sleep in a soggy tent haha :laughing:

Hmmm, possibly waking up to soaking wet trainers due to leaving them outside the main inner tent, as I did on a past camping trip in Weymouth. Yuk!!! :cry:

Always leave a second pair of footwear in the boot now. Camping or not!!! :rofl:

Fess up, what happened?

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I’ve got a staycation booked in Devon for early September. I had to cancel four foreign holidays this year, the thought of having to cancel another was too depressing. If I can escape easily to North Africa later in autumn for some winter sun, I will do that.

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I have missed out on trips to Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Paris, Ireland, and Tenerife, this year.

No trips across water planned for remainder of the year.

That is so sad! :pensive:

Does anyone know what the deal is with travel insurance at the moment? If you book a holiday, and then can’t travel because of lockdown restrictions etc, are companies covering you?

No, they’re not. The FCO’s guidance invalidates travel insurance so you travel abroad at your own risk :grimacing:

Hence my decision to cancel a family skiing trip to the Three Valleys, a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Yosemite/San Francisco, our annual family Mediterranean holiday and a romantic trip to Brittany!

Have given up on travelling abroad at this point, it’s too much hassle. I’ll spend next week in rainy Torquay with the old people. You can find me by the pier with an Irish coffee in one hand and a ciggie in the other.

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